Header - Diane Bishop Interiors - November 2016 - Updating with Simplicity + Clean Lines

Updating with Simplicity + Clean Lines

A contemporary home boasts clean lines and simple furnishings. To keep it truly contemporary – styles need to be updated and colors adjusted. The home owners had to rethink the way they lived in their home. Like most of us, they wanted something that would endure the test of time.

Header - Diane Bishop Interior Design - Embracing Technology

Embracing Technology

Over the past years our technology has changed so much and the design community has worked hard to keep up. Today’s sleek flat screen TVs just don’t fit in the wall units of yesterday. They are larger and need to be treated as an important design element. To accomplish that goal, I have incorporated several ideas.

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

As life evolves, our homes sometimes change. While the big house is great for an active family, when the nest is empty, it is nice to have less room and yard to care for.

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